Thursday, May 19, 2016

More good news on the Blanket pattern

On Day 2 of releasing the Seashell Sock Yarn Blanket pattern, it has become really popular and was #3 in the "Hot Right Now" list on ravelry.
To celebrate, here is a 20% OFF Coupon Code: FIRST , valid for the month of May 2016.
Buy the pattern , and start collecting your sock yarn
I am also going to be teaching a class on May 24th at Makers Mercantile in Kent, WA 5:30pm - 8:00pm which will cover, making the yarn for the blanket from scraps and the pattern.
Register here

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Scrap Sock Yarn Blanket

After knitting now for 2 years or so, I thought it was time to write a knitting pattern. This one started with the idea of using scraps of sock yarn to make a blanket. Yes, I know there are many such amazing and simple patterns online and I tried my hand at a few. Each one is great and has its own charm. I am not ranting anything against them, but there were some things which hindered my progress on those.

Firstly, I was stumbling on choosing the right colors and have them evenly distributed through out the blanket.
Like other scrap yarn blanket, I could plan and distribute the different colors evenly, but then there is all that seaming to do at the end.
And you know there are always those colors which you are really not crazy about. Your eye would always go directly to that square and haunt you.
Also each square from a yarn, gets predictable after a while and the project might loose steam.
And like any blanket project, including mine... it takes time.

So, I wanted to knit up this blanket which would keep the excitement going. Using every bit of yarn and making the yarn keep changing, avoid weaving in the ends and make every section pop.

Here comes my Seashell Scrap Yarn blanket. The pattern can be purchased here

Let me tell you majority of the work for this blanket is done before even starting to knit. What you work on is creating this colorful yarn cake, using every small bit of yarn from your scraps. All bits are joined by magic knots.

The pattern emphasizes on an easy way to categorize your yarns based on color tones and making colorful yarn cakes which can be used for similar projects. You could make a simple striped garter blanket using these colorful yarn cakes.

Lots of simple show rows make the shells. Short rows in this pattern involve just turning work and working the stitches, leaving a hole. These holes make a nice border around the shells making them pop.

Monday, March 21, 2016


For those of you who has always asked "How I create my embroidered surfaces on clay?", I am teaching a workshop at Moshier Community Art Center. Registration now open Decorated Surfaces: Slips
In this one day workshop, I will demonstrate my slip decoration techniques used to create my detailed embroiderd work on clay. Demonstrations on enhancing the look of the ceramic surface will be covered, along with an inspiring slide show showing finished pieces and techniques used for surface decoration. Students will then make their own simple and effective tool to use to create elaborate slip decora tion on leatherhard tiles. All supplies provided. Please bring a lunch.

Here is a preview

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Behind the scenes... Making my knitted mugs

Many have asked me about my process and how I make my work. I do get a shocked surprise when I say that my mugs are not made on the wheel, but are individually hand built from slabs of clay.
Slabs are textured, trimmed, cleaned up and then assembled. Then bottoms added, handles added and of course the buttons.
Here is a small clipping showing the assembly of the walls of the mug. I wish I was as fast as this video. :)

Monday, February 29, 2016

Stitches West

I know it has been more than a year since I updated my blog. From my previous postings you can see that I was experimenting with knitting patterns on my work and if you have been following me on facebook and instagram, you know how busy that has made me.
I just thought instead of writing long posts, I might just make shorter posts about what is happening in the studio and what is on my needles.
So last week, I went to Stitches West as a vendor for the first time. It was a great show and got to meet so many knitters who have been following my work.
Here are some of the highlights. Visit from Stephen West of westknits designs. Love all his patterns and how he plays with colors. Though I am not so much of a neon person, I admire his courage and have knit several of his patterns. And after setup was the StevenBe and Stephen West fashion show.

 My stash enhancement. I was good and on a yarn diet. But..... Miss Babs... How could I resist those colors? And I have always wanted to knit with spincycleyarns from Bellingham, WA. Got myself a sock bag for my travel knitting from Slipped Stitch Studio.

 And here are some pictures of my booth with new garter Stitch pattern pieces. I sold out of the needle keeper vases on the first day.

I had also taken some amazing handmade buttons from potter and friend, Ginger Steele. (Also known as my Whitey mom). More on those later... I selected some for my sweaters as well. Loved each and every one of them.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Simple tool for cutting templates

My pottery work does involve a lot of slab work. My mugs, cups, boat bowls etc.. are all cut out from slabs of clay.

I have always used sheets of plastic or stiff paper on the clay and cut with my knife. Works great, but when you have to do hundreds of these it can get very tiring.
I made these template cutters similar to tile cutters. I initially got the idea from seeing a video where stacks of denim fabric were being cut into templates for legs, pockets etc... with these hydraulic cutters.

I made these cutters from wood and some out of chopping boards and metal straps. It takes time making one, but it sure speeds up the process. I used them extensively in 2014 and am making similar ones for all the pieces I need to cut.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Yarn bowls... This was expected

With my recent knitting adventures, it was inevitable that yarn bowls would make an appearance. Many of my collectors who found out I was knitting, asked me, "When are you going make yarn bowls?"
I had seen several traditional yarn bowls, thrown on the wheel and swirl cut of it. They looked nice, but you know with me with it doesn't start with a yarn bowl concept, it has to start with a fabric concept. I considered the style of my casseroles, which look like pieces of fabric wrapped around and attached with buttons.
This is the design I came up with and it takes care of some issues I was having with knitting.

I wanted more functionality out of it. I was recently working on a knitted project in which I had to use the yarn held double. It can work fine with a yarn cake using one end from the outside and inside, but can land up being a tangle. In my new yarn bowls you can lay the cake horizontal and pull the yarn from the swirls at opposite ends.

These are also good for color work and can fit two yarn bowls.

If you like doing socks two at a time also known as TAAT socks, this is perfect as it will hold both the skeins in it.

They are big enough to hold one 100gm skein of fingering - worsted weight yarn.

I have listed several of them in my etsy shop. Do check them out


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