Thursday, October 9, 2008

Butter dishes

I have been working on butter dishes for more than a year now. Seems like a long time but it takes time to get the design of any product final. My challenge was to create butter dishes with lids in which one could keep a stick of butter.
Throwing these is an option, but that resulted in round butter dishes. Keith from Mudstuffing pottery makes an excellent design where they are thrown and altered.

I wanted to extrude them and after making several dies, I really like what I have now. In addition to having a lid these butter dishes also have space to keep you butter knife on the top of the lid under the handle. They remind me of palaquins or dolis or palkis which are these beautifully adorned carriers for women in India. The bride got into them and the men carried her in these palaquins to the husband's house.

They are not fired yet, but they are big enough to fit a stick of butter. Hopefully I will glaze them soon and post them on Etsy.


Cynthia said...

Fantastic - love the texture!

RagsNehali said...

Hi Charan,
I came across your blog through Etsy Promotion thread..your work is amazing..You are really very creative! Nice to have you found! Love all your bollywood inspired pieces!!

Todd said...

WOW!! These are fantastic! As is all your work, Charan!!


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