Monday, April 20, 2009

Some new work

So once I made the decision of buying the pugmill, I felt free to experiment. I wanted to try some new things I hadn't tried before. I have been updating some of these pictures on facebook, but here is a glimpse into some new work. Having the pugmill is really liberating!
This new line of work is a lot more decrorative and time consuming. I am still trying to figure out pricing work like this before I post it on Etsy.


foxpots said...

Charan - this work is gorgeous! I can't even imagine how much time and creativity you have put into these.

JNpottery said...

Charan, These pieces are fantastic. I'd also struggle with pricing, because I'd want to keep them.

Grace said...

I really enjoy these new pieces and how intricate they are. Using different colors really works. I wouldn't under sell such nice work. It's always scary to sell work at higher prices and you might have to wait longer but your work is worth it and you are telling your customers that when you price it accordingly. I still have doubts, until I sell something. Then I just feel proud and liberated.


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