Thursday, June 10, 2010

Travel Entry: Chatuchak Market in Bangkok

Another place we visited during our vacation was Bangkok. We spent 10 days there and it was just amazing. It is sad to see the current conditions of Bangkok. Everything was so different a few months back.
Anwyays, one of my favorite places we visited in Bangkok was the Chatuchak Market. It is kind of a flea market but with a lot of beautiful handcrafted work. The celdon glazed work below just blew my mind away. I wish I had purcahsed something, but the logistics of travelling with pottery didn't work out. I love the balance of the tan carving with the soft green celedon glaze.

These metal decorative vessels caught my attention. They were extremely thin with beautiful intrictae carvings. The insides were lined with gold paint and with tealight candles floating, they made a stunning impression.

I have always admired the wood carvings at Thai resturants here in the US. It was a delight to see such a huge collection of these at this Market. The details are hard to describe. Evey leaf can be admired by itself.

Wonder what to do with those large plastic soda bottles? Check out the lamps below. The work is so clean and it took me a while to figure out they were soda bottles.

And the following picture had us laughing for a long time. What you see below are toilet paper dispensers. It is a fine line between being repulsive and funny. LOL!

The dance of pulled coffee drinks. This was just a joy to watch. The coffee drink was mixed by transfering from one cup to the next with the guy swirling around, turning and doing all kinds of stunts. All to mix coffee.

And there is nothing like having fresh coconut icecream on a hot day and that too served in cocunut shells.

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佩GailBohanan1蓉 said...
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Vicki said...

Great photos, thanks for posting them!


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