Saturday, September 11, 2010

Potter's Guage

A simple tool which can save you a lot of time and frustration when trying to throw similar sized items on the potters wheel.

Previously I used a chopstick that is fixed on the splash pan with a wad of clay. It is efficient and super cheap and quick to set up. Several potters use this technique and they will agree that they have knocked the chopstick off its position once in a while.

Of course there are wonderful guages you can purchase but it just a lot more fun making your own. I spent 10 minutes in my garage and found a a few items which worked perfectly for this. The base is a heavy weight steel which came in the packaging of something I purchased earlier.. can't remember. It is really stable and all I did was attached a scale with a bolt (a scale not for measurement.. but that is the only thing I found with an already drilled hole) And then just attached a light weight iron rod with a clamp and I am done.

Just finished throwing these tealight candle holders with this guage and they came out great.

They make perfect diyas for Diwali.

I would love to hear about tools that crafters in all media have made themselves.


Miss Val's Creations said...

These are beautiful! I would love to try my hand at pottery someday!

Supriya said...

Hi Charan - Thanks for visiting my blog, do try the beetroot halwa. This gave me a chance to find out abt your blog & website, ur work is awesome, very creative.


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