Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pantry Storage

I am thrilled that we finally have pantry storage in our kitchen!!
Ever since we moved into our house (few years back), we have been struggling with storage. The kitchen is big, but the cabinets dated pre-Costco, so all shelves are fixed and nothing fit in. So we were storing stuff in our garage. Have gone back and forth several times thinking about remodeling the kitchen, but the expense always is a shock!
I found this pinkish brown corner armoire on craiglist and which would need some work but would be a perfect addition to our kitchen. It is all solid wood and was in excellent condition. And for $40, a steal!
It had some missing hardware and the color was weird. Instead of repainting it another shade of brown to match our existing boring cabinets, I wanted to go wild on this one. Went with a soft lime green with chocolate brown accents which goes very well with the backyard and brings the outside colors in.
What do you think?

Added new hardware and shelves and finally have storage in the kitchen!!


Beth said...

Looks very nice! I love the new paint job! I could use one of those for my studio!

CreativewithClay: Charan Sachar said...

Thanks Beth. First time being so risky with paint colors. So far haven't gone beyond neutral tones, but I like the way this turned out.

Janice said...

This turned out beautifully!! I love it!

Sraikh said...

Hello found your blog through the esty quit your day job series. Omg firstly you are Indian (bonus points for being male) and selling on etsy and an artist. Very cool

Blogrolled you and will read your posts later.

Ps: love the colors of the storage.

gilstrapdesigns said...

I just read your feature on ETSY this cabinet is so beautiful. I love the colors you painted it. You got a really good deal off Craigslist. I will be coming back to your wonderful blog to visit and comment.

pantry storage cabinet said...

It's quite impressive. I just love the new paint:)


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