Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Booth Setup

Almost every year, I make changes to my booth. This time the change is big and it costed big too $$$. After a lot thinking, the Caravan Canopy was just not working for me. It has been very strong and stable for the shows I have done over the last few years. The thing that annoyed me most about it was the cross bars at the top. They blocked the view of platters and dancing Divas which were hung on my back wall. Very distracting. So after a lot of research, I purchased the Light Dome Canopy. I like the open high ceiling and bright light in the booth. This gave me the oppurtunity to add some color to the top as well.

They are a little time consuming to setup, but I bet it gets better with time. The most annoying this has to be putting the top on. With two people it is a breeze but with a short guy like me, it is a challenge.

Would love to hear about the canopies and setups other artists have. Feel free to tweet and leave your comments.


Grace said...

Hi Charan,
Yeah, having a nice booth is so important and while it may not look it, nice = $$$.

We went through several iterations of a booth before settling, each one costing more money.

Your booth looks really good! The only thing I might recommend is for you to consider a floor covering. It took me a while to realize this and once I committed to having a floor covering, I was surprised at what a difference it made.

We bought those puzzle-like foam floor tiles (the ones you can find in home gyms). Then a bamboo carpet (fits the style of my old work). The carpet covered just the entrance and where the customers stand and not the back.

Hope that helps a bit.

CreativewithClay: Charan Sachar said...

Thanks Grace.. Good point. I usually have a floor covering but always had mixed feelings about it. When I had it one the floor, many customers just stand at the very edge of it avoiding to step in. It feels like if they step on the carpet they have to buy. So during a show you will see me keep it and then remove it. I heard that now you get those foam tiles with prints like wooden flooring/bamboo etc..


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