Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Simple tool for cutting templates

My pottery work does involve a lot of slab work. My mugs, cups, boat bowls etc.. are all cut out from slabs of clay.

I have always used sheets of plastic or stiff paper on the clay and cut with my knife. Works great, but when you have to do hundreds of these it can get very tiring.
I made these template cutters similar to tile cutters. I initially got the idea from seeing a video where stacks of denim fabric were being cut into templates for legs, pockets etc... with these hydraulic cutters.

I made these cutters from wood and some out of chopping boards and metal straps. It takes time making one, but it sure speeds up the process. I used them extensively in 2014 and am making similar ones for all the pieces I need to cut.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I just stumbled on your website after I googled "knitting bowls". I am not in the market for pottery, but I just want to tell you how much I love your work. It is exuberant, but not loud, original without being weird. It has a lovely, lilting quality about it that is just yummy! So glad to have found you. I hope you keep posting and sharing your work and ideas!
South Georgia

Web developer said...

Excellent post!

nancy edge said...

Do you make your own glazes or buy them premixed?. They are really nice.


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