Saturday, August 23, 2008

First day blogging

This is my first time blogging, so I don't even know where to begin...
I am a studio potter/ceramic artist and work full time as a software engg. I like the balance that pottery brings to my chaotic life. Work always gets stressful and it is always great to sit down on the wheel and make pots. It 's my meditation, my yoga, my peace.
All of this is great about pottery, but what do I do with all the pots I make. My work schedule doesn't give me enough time to a lot of art shows. I do few in a year and that gets very tiring too.
I recently started selling my work online on etsy.
It has been an interesting experience and I am learning things along the way. Currently my shop there is very scarce as I am still trying to figure out what would sell there, how to post, how to advertise etc... I have had a few sales and it was very exciting. Especially because it did not involve me packing all my work, setting up my booth, displaying my work, standing on my feet all day and then packing up.... It is tiring. But I do enjoy the exprience of selling work in person at a booth. I like to meet my customers, talk about my work, tell them what inspired me to make what they purchased. That is the reason I hesitated doing online sales for a long time. I earlier felt that pottery can only be bought by touching. I am begining to think that personal touch feeling can be done by communicating online too.... so here I am blogging.
I enjoy talking about my work and like sharing what I do. So lets give this a shot!
Have to leave this morning for a studio sale. Bye!

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