Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mug in use

I make pottery for people to use and I have had some customers who comment that my work is too pretty to use. I really don't get that. I love seeing a piece of my pottery being pulled out of the oven or microwave. Or someone using a bowl of mine for their morning cereal or a mug for coffee/tea. I guess the downside of selling pottery online is I cannot actually see my pottery being used.

Recently I got immense joy from one of my customers... actually a customer's wife ( We share the same first name.. creative). Her husband bought one of my Bollywood mugs for her birthday and she sent me shots of her enjoying her mug (

I love the shot of the mug with tea sitting on her table. I can tell she is enjoying her tea and my mug... well her mug now.

Getting feedback like this makes creating art really worth it. It is hard for me to describe how great it makes me feel that something that I created with my hands from a lump of clay is appreciated and used.

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Regina said...

Thanks for your kind words.



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