Monday, March 16, 2009

Wine Bottle Stopper: New Item

I have been very excited with some new decoration techniques. I have shared pictures of some test tiles in my blog and I have finally got some finished pieces. I will keep posting new items, but for starters I have wine bottle stoppers.

A wine bottle is a great gift to give your friends and family. It says Happy Birthday, Best wishes to your new House, Happy Anniversary, or simply.. Thanks for having us over.

To make your wine bottle gift special, give this Unique Ceramic Wine Bottle Stopper, and your gift will never be forgotten. They make a great gift to yourself too. :)

Each stopper is unique, glazed with several glazes. These stoppers are carved and textured with different patterns on both sides, and fired multiple times with different glaze color layers to give them a very unique look. The patterns and colors are influenced by Indian fabrics, embroidery, designs and of course Bollywood movies.

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