Sunday, May 31, 2009

Got a Blog Award!

Now how amazing is that! I checked my email this morning and there it was "A Lovely Blog Award" from Cat Hylton from She says, "Charan has created a well written and presented blog that not only provides readers with an insight into his creative process but promotes other artists "

So now it is my turn to give this award to other bloggers. These few artists pop into my head right away. I don't miss a single blog entry of theirs. They are all potters and they produce amazing work. What I really enjoy is how they talk about their work, inspiration and share their technique.

Jeff Campana

Kristen Kieffer

Grace Sheese


Christie Cottage said...


Ruth S. said...


I found you and your blog through DSG California.

I love doing my Designs In Fiber in colors and working with colors - so I am following your blog!

You have some beautiful pottery!!

Ruth Sandra


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