Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Travel Blog: Mumbai to Delhi to Amritsar

After staying a few days in Mumbai and meeting up with friends ad family we fly to New Delhi to start our journey to the North of India.
Our first stop is Delhi, just for the night. Traffic undoubtadely is again painful, but the Metro Light rail system is already up and running here.
One thing I couldn't get over in Delhi was their obsession with toilets... and that too weird ones.
Look at the two pictures below... The big grey building has sign on it "Toilet Complex". I was so curious to see what it was about, but took the picture from our taxi.
The next one was a very ugly bad toilet at the train station going from Delhi to Amritsar. It is titled "Deluxe Toilet".. nothing deluxe about it!

Amritsar is a sacred city for Sikhs where there are beautiful temples. It falls in the Punjab state, which is huge agricultural land.
The train journey from Delhi to Amritsar was around 7 hours. It does start early, so you can see my mom doozed off and my Dad hoping to fall asleep. :) Tried some color effects in my camera too.

I couldn't fall asleep as the journey was so scenic. The train goes through endless acres of lush green fields. They extend all the way to the horizon.
I believe the picture below is of a rice field. Needless to say the food in the Northern region of India tastes so much better. There is a lot of flavor in the vegatables which is not found at other places.

But then the other factor that makes everything tastes so good in Punjab is the deep frying. Check out these fritters (potato, cauliflower, onion etc..) not fried once but "twice" to perfection. Well known as "Pakoras"
It has to taste good. :)

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