Thursday, April 1, 2010

Travel entry: Home town Mumbai

I just got back from my 2 month sabbatical and had a great vacation travelling to India and Bangkok Thailand. Result of such a long vacation is jetlag and 1000+ pictures. After a lot thinking, I guess the best way to share my pictures is with my blog. So here is my first entry. I hope to make an entry every Thursday.

So first stop is Mumbai, my home town. One thing I noticed when I entered was this wall sculpture of a horse I had made when I had just started in clay. It was just air dried and spray painted and is still standing good. (Family in India calls me Vicky and hence the sign)
It was great to meet family and friends and remember old times. Talking about old times, I found my journal which had torn pieces of crafty ideas, pictures of sculptures, pottery, newspaper clippings of recipes etc.. Among all that I found the page above, which was a recipe for making home made air drying clay from bread. I wouldn't suggest anyone trying this out. :)
I was just desperate as a kid to work with clay and I used to try anything.

Every time we visit we feel the traffic has gotten worse and this trip wasn't any different. There are Metro light rail lines being constructed everywhere which are supposed to ease the traffic. But while the construction is going on it is impossible to travel anywhere.

And in every tiny space available there is a multistory building coming up. Attached is the picture from my bedroom which had a nice view and also great ventilation. Now there are two buildings right in front and all I can hear is construction noise.
I am going to pace myself about my trip in every entry and try not to throw it all out there. Next week look for pictures of an exhibition I attended in Mumbai.

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Ann said...

Love the horse! Looking forward to your Thursdays posts.

rekha bajpe said...

the horse is amazing... u obviously started early!!!
look forward to you next posts :))) cheerz and sparklz!!!

Judith Frederick said...

Charan - I have always found it hard to see changes to the places of my past. I makes me very sad and long for a simpler time of my life.

Barbara Dunshee said...

charan, crazy fascinating horse sculpture. Okay, so how long has it been holding up that well?

CreativewithClay: Charan Sachar said...

Hey Barb,
It took me close to 6 months to make that sculpture and I completed it in 1996... so it is hanging there for 14 years.
It is bone dry clay glued with white glue on plywood and then spray painted. :)

Gina said...

Wonderful horse sculpture and fun photo of your bread/clay recipe! Looking forward to the rest of your trip.


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