Sunday, October 17, 2010

FREE Gift with every Purchase

It is never too early to shop for the Holidays! Take advantage of shopping early and get a FREE gift with every order placed on my online shop.
Yes, I said FREE gift with every order.
I am not "Oprah", so I can't give everyone a FREE car or a trip to Australia! LOL!

Every order receives a FREE Magnet! These cute little magnets will surely brighten up your fridge.
And for every order more than $40 (excluding shipping) you get upgraded to one of my "Everything and Anything" square dishes.
Why "Everything and Anything"? These 3.5" square dishes can be used for anything, for teabags, spoon rests, paper clips etc. These retail for $12 each and are yours for a purchase of $40 or more.

This offer ends in two weeks (October 31st)!

Do check out my shop for newly added items and make good use of this opportunity!
Thank you and have a great Holiday Season!

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