Monday, October 17, 2011

Corner Booth Design

It is time to make changes to my booth design again. Nothing significant but just something for a corner booth. I had got great suggestions on my blog for booth designs and shelves, so I hope to get more recommendations for a corner booth. The picture above is of my in-line booth with shelves on one side, wall panels at the back and pedestals to the other side.
Here is a computer sketch of my current in-line booth design.
For the corner I am thinking of two options. The one above which is similar to my in-line design and would encourage people to walk in and give more open space.
One thing I have noticed is when people just stand at the edge of the booth and fear coming in... As though I will hold them at gun point till they buy something. LOL! So to give them an opportunity to browse without commiting to come in my booth, I thought of this design with shelves along the open sides of the booth. Advantage is that I get lots of storage space, but I think it will be hard for to talk to my customers, or tell them about my work or point to something or pull something off the wall.
For an outdoor show I know this design can be bad with bad weather. No way for anyone to look at your work while it rains on them.
Do you have any recommendations? I will have a corner booth at the upcoming Best of the Northwest show Nov 18th-20th. So any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Nela said...

Hi Charan, I like better the first approach since it is more customer friendly. The second might be practical for you but it is not so inviting to potential buyers. Just my 2 cents!

Nela said...

Hi Charan,
I like the first approach better since it is more "customer friendly". The second is practical for you but not so inviting for potential buyers....
Just my 2 cents

Ann said...

I prefer option 1 also.

Brandee Ross said...

I also prefer the first design, but I like the placement of the wooden shelves in the second design. It allows people to browse your pottery from both sides, which is great when your booth gets crowded!

CreativewithClay: Charan Sachar said...

What is not in the picture are the cross braces for the wooden shelves which are needed for stability. So those would be in the way of looking at the pots from both sides.


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