Sunday, October 2, 2011

Handbuilt Lidded jars/ mugs

I have been experimenting with a new idea of decorating my surfaces which is a conbination of my slip decoration and adding color in a different way.

These are my initial pieces with which I made the surface of the mugs by rolling on to a textured surface that I slip slip decorated. And then I ran a brayer on the raised surface to add the black color to the raised surfaces. Don't know how this will look when finished but I like the look so far. What do you think?

Since I am still experimenting, I think these can make cool lidded cups or even sugar jars. Do you prefer sugar jars with the lid cut out for a spoon to go in?

1 comment:

Poonam said...

Those are lovely. I truly admire your work and am inspired to try henna designs with slip trailing.
I would like to know how you do those henna designs?


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