Sunday, May 29, 2016

KonMari method of Tidying up

Let me start by mentioning, it is not that I live in a mess, it is just that I had clothes in every closet of the house. So when it comes time to pick clothes to wear, I was all over the place.
I didn't even know if it would apply to any of my interest, but got the audio version from the library. I was so captivated, I finished listening to the entire book over 2 days.
And right after, I had such an urge to tidy up.
I started as the book suggests with clothes. I removed all my clothes, all over the house and put them all together. They made a huge heap on the entire bed and that itself is overwhelming to know I had so many clothes. At first, it is a little hard to figure out what "sparks joy". Then I think, I could always wear it in the studio, where clothes get messy. But after going through the entire pile of clothes, I realized, I had enough brand new T-shirts for which were not perfect for outwear but great for the lounge wear or the studio. 
I tossed out 2 HUGE bags of clothes. They went to the thrift store. Many brand new clothes, which were gifted and never fit. And many which fit once and I hoped would fit again. Keep dreaming. Also if I did loose weight wouldn't I want new clothes, rather than old clothes which fit me once upon a time? Made sense to me and out they went.
All the discarding took 2 hours.
Then went through and sorted clothes which I wear everyday when I get out, special occasions. Clothes that I wore at my shows, Clothes for home and clothes for studio. Discarded some more.
Finally came down to six small pull out drawers. I didn't have a drawer system in my closet before. Got this one from IKEA and it was perfect. Folded clothes as per the KonMari method. This took another hour. One drawer is still empty and two are half full.
As much as one likes to see before and after pictures.... I didn't take the before picture, because I really didn't want any memory of it. So here you see just the AFTER picture. And it really didn't take as long as I thought it would.
Next I tackle books!


Anonymous said...

I just added this to my library e-book queue. I need an intervention! I hope this helps. Thanks for the suggestion.

-moukin on Ravelry

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Unknown said...

It's my opinion that getting rid of books is much more difficult than getting rid of clothing or even yarn or fabric. Looking forward to your next post!

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