Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Scrap Sock Yarn Blanket

After knitting now for 2 years or so, I thought it was time to write a knitting pattern. This one started with the idea of using scraps of sock yarn to make a blanket. Yes, I know there are many such amazing and simple patterns online and I tried my hand at a few. Each one is great and has its own charm. I am not ranting anything against them, but there were some things which hindered my progress on those.

Firstly, I was stumbling on choosing the right colors and have them evenly distributed through out the blanket.
Like other scrap yarn blanket, I could plan and distribute the different colors evenly, but then there is all that seaming to do at the end.
And you know there are always those colors which you are really not crazy about. Your eye would always go directly to that square and haunt you.
Also each square from a yarn, gets predictable after a while and the project might loose steam.
And like any blanket project, including mine... it takes time.

So, I wanted to knit up this blanket which would keep the excitement going. Using every bit of yarn and making the yarn keep changing, avoid weaving in the ends and make every section pop.

Here comes my Seashell Scrap Yarn blanket. The pattern can be purchased here

Let me tell you majority of the work for this blanket is done before even starting to knit. What you work on is creating this colorful yarn cake, using every small bit of yarn from your scraps. All bits are joined by magic knots.

The pattern emphasizes on an easy way to categorize your yarns based on color tones and making colorful yarn cakes which can be used for similar projects. You could make a simple striped garter blanket using these colorful yarn cakes.

Lots of simple show rows make the shells. Short rows in this pattern involve just turning work and working the stitches, leaving a hole. These holes make a nice border around the shells making them pop.


Unknown said...

Very lovely design, it's very beautiful with all the different colors and the pattern. It seems like physical music. Does that make sense? Possibly not, but that's okay.

Basar02 said...

I'm Hungry

harada57 said...
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