Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Colorful bisque firing

Almost every potter I know is excited after a glaze firing, just like me. We can't wait to open the kiln. Just take a peek even when we shouldn't. I have even used a torch light through the key hole to peek in. Pretty desperate and still don't see a thing.

A bisque firing on the other hand is just a boring stack of white pots. Looking at the pile just reminds you of all the glazing work ahead of you.

However this has changed for me recently. With my new glazing technique and slip decoration for my Bollywood theme pottery, I realized that I am getting equally excited about a bisque firing. The pots come out white with bright colors and love the way they look waiting to be glazed. They pop with color and I can't wait to glaze them. See the pictures below of the bisqued and glazed bowls. This is something that is always exciting about new work.... you get excited over something you never even thought of. Very soon these bowls will be listed in my shop too.


Graciela Testa Lynt said...

Charan, You're right! The bisque load is quite beautiful... I love the vibrant colors in your work!

Todd said...

Your bowls are gorgeous, Charan!!


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