Thursday, September 4, 2008

Puyallup fair

I am at the Puyallup fair from September 5th through the 21st. Yes, it is a long fair but every year is exciting. One great thing about doing this fair is that I don't have to haul my shelving or booth for the show. I just take my work and setup on day 1 and leave my over stock in the back room. The artists there are always on their feet sticking your shelves.

Sometimes I have gotten stuck in a corner there which hasn't been fun. But this time I got a good spot to display my "Dancing Divas". I got to display them on a white wall with a white grid and I think they really stand out. Also my pots are against a window, so people walking outside can also peek in. This is the first time I am displaying my divas at the fair along with my new slip decorated work.

Here are some pictures of the display there.


Jolene said...

Great display Charan. I love the Dancing Divas!

My Mother's Garden said...

Beautiful work!
I love the dancing divas!

Todd said...

Your work looks GREAT!!


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