Saturday, September 13, 2008

My first treasury: Curvy Curves

I am so excited that I finally snagged a treasury on I had no idea how could everyone grab treasuries so quickly. Every time I logged on, the waiting list was huge. But I finally did it. The link will not last forever so attached is a snap shot of the treasury as well.

What I put in the treasury is art work with curves. I love organic shapes and how one curve meets another creating another shape... then you join it with the starting end of the first curve with yet another curve and you get a totally different shape. A good example of this Tara Robertson's Offspring sculptural vessel. Great flow of curves making something very unique.

One thing I realized while making this treasury is that the best pottery forms that respond well to curves are pitchers and teapots. So I have included these. Note that even a simple lidded jar with a dramatic curved handle can make you look at it in a completly different way. I am talking about Barbara Dunshee's lively lidded vessel.

I also included some nonpottery items, like these earrings

I like the decoration and especially like the way the bone white earrings are photographed against the dark leaf background. The curves really stand out here.

1 comment:

Tara Robertson said...

Great treasury! Thanks so much for the mention. I love your work.


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