Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Travel Entry: Langar (Meal at the Gurudwara)

If you are familiar with Sikhism, you must have heard of the langar, the meal that is served at a Sikh Temple. Below is a very nice clipping of an upcoming documentary talking about the langar.

It is amazing that so many people regardless of caste creed or religion have this free meal as a blessing. In the Golden temple, around 1000 people are seated, fed and then the room is cleared up in 10-15 minutes... and then the next 1000 people come in. Here is a picture of a small section of the crowd and the quick cleaning that follows before the next crowd walks in.
Now you must be thinking... how is it possible to feed so many people, so quickly and prepare food in such quantities. All the work of cooking is done by volunteers and it is a great honor to serve in the langar. Check out the huge cooking vessels and the vegetables being prepped for cooking.
Garlic being peeledOnions chopped.Carrots chopped and potatoes peeled.Potatoes and peas.
And then of course is the cleaning of the utencils. No dishwasher here.

If you haven't been to a Sikh Temple and had the Langar, you are really missing something. The food is delicious and prepared with so much love and kindness. Almost all gurudwaras in the US too offer Langar (If not everyday, then at least on weekends)
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Škorčica said...

What a beautiful designs in clay - I'm impressed!
I'll visit your blog again for sure!

msprispots said...

Hello!.. I'm new to this blog.. I love the color chosen for this week .. My shop is mostly this color and no, I'm not tired of it as it's been this color for 6 years! Thanks for beautiful work that is posted on this website.. Tremendous!

Barbara Dunshee said...

Beautiful story Charan, thank you!


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