Thursday, May 27, 2010

Travel Entry: Rock Garden

This is one of the most unique gardens I have seen. Rock Garden is located in Chandigarh, Punjab and is made of mostly recycled/upcycled material and also uses a lot of concrete that is used in the most creative way.

Here you will see stunning landscapes of mountains and waterfalls. If seen closely they are jute bags that filled with concrete to make the structure and of course a lot of rebar.

Almost every surface is covered with broken tiles, broken sinks, cups, plates, glass. There was this array of abstract concrete forms and I spotted my early teapot forms here. Can you see the resemblance?

Then there was this huge area set up like an outdoor auditorium. the mosaic work done on the walls was one of the best I have seen. This place would be a mosaic artist's paradise. The picture below is of a small section of the 300ft+ wall. Just square measures about 6 feet. So imagin 50 of these in amazing colors.

Other than covering the walls with tile, there are surfaces covered with electric sockets. Like in the wall behind my wife in the picture below. You can see the detail.

The walls below are made with pebbles stacked in different ways making lovely patterns.

And the wall below was one of my favorites. From far it just looked like an orange wall. But in close up you can see it is small terra cotta pots that are stacked to make this wall.

The highlight of the garden are the doll scultures below that are made of broken glass bangles. I had visited this place when I was 8 and I have a feeling my current dancing diva sculptures made their first entrance in my brain at that time looking at these beauties.

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Periwinkle Paisley said...

That looks soo cool! I love that red and black teapot. It reminds me of a pregnant woman with a backache.

ShilaS_群平 said...
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sheela said...

This is the most amazing place. This is the first thing I have seen that really makes me want to travel to India. Your blogs, like your pottery, are entertaining and put a smile on my face.


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