Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stamp Exchange

I have done mug exchanges and bowl exchanges in the past which have always been fun. This is the first time I participated in a stamp exchange. All the participating members of the Etsy Mud Team were to make stamps that could be used on clay. The stamps could be made of material of choice. What is so exciting about a stamp exchange is that it is one person's art work incorporated in yours. The stamp maker might make a stamp with a certain usuage in mind. The person receiving the stamp might use it in a different way. Whatever the case may be, it is fun to be surprised.

I was extremely thrilled to receive my stamps today. I got two beautiful busqued stamps from Pearl of Fehustoneware. She has some awesome work in her shop and I cannot wait to use the stamps to create something.

The other set of stamps was a big surprise. I got 6 stamps from Charity of chARiTyelise. Not only that but three of those have different deisgns on each side. So that it is a total of 9 STAMPS!! Interestingly two of the stamps are made of rubber with immense detail. There are other potters who have mentioned that Charity and I should have a competition in patience with our designs, but she wins!!! I can't wait to use these. I am also going to try carving some of my own rubber stamps.

Thank you Pearl and Charity for such amazing stamps!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Where is my bud vase?

It is hung on a wall in a massage office.
I got an email from Sharon Remagen who bought one of my wall bud vases in September last year at the Puyallup fair. It is always good to hear when my pieces are being used and bringing joy to my customers. I love how it looks against the wood and the flowers are a beautiful color choice.
I haven't posted these on my online shop yet, but eventually will come around to it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Test tiles glazed

I did get some success with my new test tiles and my glazing technique. I have tried to duplicate the effect of colorful fabrics from India. These fabrics are commonly known as bandhani block printed fabric which is made with a combination of block printing, batic and dyeing. I don't know much about the techniques they use to make the fabric, but I have been hard at work trying to duplicate it in clay.
Some of these tiles are promising. I like the ones with the glossy glaze more. The matt glaze kind of dulled the colors. The technique to get the look in clay is complicated, with a combination of carving, slip decoration, and multiple firings. I will next attempt to use this technique on my new Dancing Diva sculptures.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What is your medium for making art work?

We all know artists are creative. They are making beautiful art from paints, clay, paper, fabric, glass, tile, music.. etc.. etc.. As a kid I have had a good share of trying my hand at different things too. I remember using color pencils, paints, paper, coins. Then later started working with paper mache, and then baking. I made cakes, desserts for a while and still do when I get the time. Now however my focus is all in clay, but all my influences from other mediums do play some part in my current work.

I still get very fascinated when I look at art work that is made of something I had not even thought of. I have seen sculptures made of bottle caps, art work made of beer bottles.... Recently I came across the beautiful work of Jennifer Maestre who makes these extra ordinary sculptures from Pencil Points. I have always had a soft spot for stationary but looking at her work just blew me away. You can see that each piece for work requires a lot of patience. Her use of color is remarkable. She also has an etsy shop where she sells pendants made of pencils.

So all you artists, keep creating and do share what extra ordinary work have you done or seen with a medium you least expect.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Learning never ends

There is so much there in this world to learn and I feel there just isn't enough time. I for one am always hungry to lean new techniques, bring in a fresh look in my work.

There is a new technique I am trying to make highly decorative carved pieces which I learnt from Ginger Steele. She has been very helpful and patient in developing this technique. I am still in the phases of learning and testing my glazes and combining my decoration techniques with newly learnt techniques.

As always I love testing and can get carried away. :) Here are some test tiles still in the stages and they will get another layer of glaze over them. I love the way they look already and can't wait to have them glazed. And then to actually make some work with this technique.


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