Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sabudana Vada : Fried Tapioca Dumplings

I have to admit, being in India, I have rarely had this dish. Sabudana Vada, which are these fried dumplings made from tapioca pearls and potatoes. They are very typical of Maharashtra, India where I come from, but my mom never made these.

As for my wife, she loved this and it was one of her favorite things that her mom used to make. To celebrate Mother's day, we had friends get together and everyone made a dish that their mom made. My wife naturally chose this and I was amazed. Absolutely delicious and sinful. Tastes even better when double fried. hehehe.

Here is where my wife got the recipe from.

What is your favorite dish that your mom made?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Patterns and New Bowls

My mind has been buzzing like always and I have some new work that I am very excited about. I never get tired of patterns, so made some new textured slabs.
New patterns calls for new forms. I wanted to make some unique elegant bowls. Check these out.
I love the curling handles and the simplistic design balanced with the intricate free flowing patterns
Perfect for serving strawberries this summer season. Buy them now at my Etsy shop.


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