Sunday, March 9, 2014

New work Wine Bottle Stoppers

I just checked my blog and realized it has been a while since I posted. I apologize and hope to be more active about it.
It has been a busy year and this year my schedule changed, since the trade show I do, Buyers Market of American Craft also known as American Made show was early in January. So didn't have much of downtime during the holidays and it was work in full swing. Anyway... enough of excuses.

I have been busy and really excited about my new Wine Stoppers. I used to make some before but wanted a new style and a new technique for making them. I really like these designs that go well with my line of indian inspired pottery.

I have three basic shapes and the Spade and Fan shape can also be customized with initials for personalized wine stoppers for a wedding gift. You can see that they are nice large size stoppers which an really make a statement with the wine bottle you gift. A great hostess gift as well.

Which is your favorite shape and you do you have suggestions for more shapes?


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