Saturday, May 25, 2013

Your favorite Bowls

Handmade bowls
I introduced these bowls last year and have gotten a great response from customers. Handbuilt and slip decorated with different washes and color accents, each lands up being distinctive and unique. A very similar process goes for my mugs too.
On doing shows last year, I noticed that there were some people who liked the intricate patterns, some liked more negative spaces in the pattern, some liked the color accents, some just preferred the wash etc. I just got super curious to get all this data and see what I would find.
That is when I decoded to get this data from my fans on facebook. I posted the following picture and asked everyone to vote for their favorite in each row. So, there were three votes from everyone, a favorite from the honey gold glaze, a favorite from the Soft Green Glaze and a favorite from the Blue glaze.
boat bowls Color choose copy
I had an overwhelming response. Approx 180 votes. It was great to get this input and I thank you all for voting. And here are the results.
Pretty much even across the board, except for one of the blue bowls that got significantly low votes.
And looking closely you can see that the bowls with the color accents and the wash combination and negative spaces did get more votes in each case. (HG3, S2, B1)
Thank you all for your input. This gives me a good idea to what to send to galleries that carry my workas well.

Do you agree with the favorites? Do you have your own favorite? Do tell.

Boat Bowl Votes
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Making a bust for the first time

As several of you reading my blog know that my work is very influenced by fabrics. I do tend to make something functional and have done my sculptural dancing divas too. Also did some shoes last year.
This time I thought why not make a torso or bust featuring some beautiful indian prints just as they are meant to be on fabric. This is a larger scale of sculpture that I am used to but thoroughly enjoyed the process.
sculpture bust torso indian fabrics paisley charan sachar
Here it is handbuilt and slip decorated with buttons. Had to dry it really slowly and went a little crazy supporting the insides and keeping the form.
And here it is all decorated with layers of underglazes which really enhance the texture and pattern. It is approximately 18"x 18" and goes up on the wall.
I will be taking it to the summer shows and hope to make more pieces in this series.
It was a great experience to get out of my comfort zone and try something new.

What have you wanted to create pushing your limits? Do share.

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