Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Patterns and New Bowls

My mind has been buzzing like always and I have some new work that I am very excited about. I never get tired of patterns, so made some new textured slabs.
New patterns calls for new forms. I wanted to make some unique elegant bowls. Check these out.
I love the curling handles and the simplistic design balanced with the intricate free flowing patterns
Perfect for serving strawberries this summer season. Buy them now at my Etsy shop.


Kathy Mc said...

These new bowls are gorgeous Charan. You inspire me once again. I'm unloading the kiln of bisque ware tomorrow. Wish me luck. Thanks for sharing you incredible art. Kathy Mc

Charan Sachar said...

Thanks Kathy. Best wishes for your kiln opening. Bisuqe ware or glaze we always need the kilns gods on our side. :) Charan

Colleen MacDonald said...

Super beautiful; I love them. They remind me of slippers for some reason.

Charan Sachar said...

That is very interesting Colleen. I remember when I first made my lidded butter dishes everyone saw the picture and thought they were slippers. I don't know why my work looks so much like slippers. :)


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