Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Travel Entry: Kala Ghoda Exhibition

Here is my next entry regarding my trip. Few days in Mumbai and I found out about the Kala Ghoda exhibition (Black horse exhibition). It had handicrafters from all over the country and it was such a pleasure going through the booths.

I met some great potters there and had a good time chatting with them, one of whom was Rekha Bajpae.

The pottery there was very different than what is typically seen at shows in the US. I saw more emphasis on decorative pottery than functional. The tiny pots in the picture below were just adorable. (selling for less than a dollar)

The picture below is of some of the functional pottery. The jars are usually used for pickles or yoghurt.
As many of you know, I am very fascinated by color. India sure is a land of colors and I beleive that is the reason color is embeeded in my brain. The next two pictures below show the use of color. Majority of the booths were filled with color like this. Especially the fabric ones. Bright saturated colors just all over the place.

Here are some clutch purses decorated with bright colored and embroidered fabric.

Check for more updates next week on Thursday!

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Miss Val's Creations said...

Those purses look so beautiful! I would have been all over them!

rekha bajpe aggarwal said...

Thanks, Charan, it was wonderful to meet you and your lovely wife!!! cheerz n sparklz!!!


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