Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Vases: Old and New

I have seen working with clay as a journey. Here is a glimpse of my journey with vases.
These are pictures of vases that I have made arranged in chonological order starting from 2000 till date.

Temoku glazed with slip decoration. This was my first piece on which I had tried slip decoration back in 2000.

This is a 18 inch vase thrown in sections and gas fired to Cone 10 in deep blue glaze. I gifted this to my mom remembering that she had a similar vase in brass.

This is when I started altering my work. These were ovaled in shape after throwing and are still sitting near my fireplace.

Here is when I started extruding my vases and had switched to an electric kiln. I was amazed at the possibilities of a extruder and couldn't stop experimenting.

My Bollywood designs make an entry to my vases. The extrusions are still altered and then embelished with slip decoration.

And below are pictures of where I am now. Adding more movement, more decoration, introduction of texture.

This is a slab built vase made with textured slabs and multiple firings.


Natalie -- NKP Designs said...

Wonderful. I love your work!

elsie said...

WOW! It so wonderful to see the evolution of your work - I love what you're doing right now your pieces are so full of life they almost seem animated!!


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